Reintegration, honestly?


Five months ago I decided to stay in Belgium, a life changing decision. If you come from sunny destinations, 6 days a week working and hot temperatures, Belgium is the opposite. We are lucky to see the sun, 5 days a week working (yes!!) and sometimes very hot temperatures. There were two important reasons that kept me here. I felt that my family needs me more and I needed a little more stability in my life. I was looking for a job and a car but instaed I got a boyfriend. Later on I found a really nice job and a little Ford Fiesta as well.

One last adventure before things got back to normal. I went with a friend on a Surprisme holiday. Eight days of travelling through 3 countries. When we were at the airport of Poland, I started realizing things would get very different then I was used to. One last breath in Poland and off to Belgium. Two days later I started with my job. A normal job like everybody does but the most important a nice job. I can do the thing I really like in life and that is helping people. It’s maybe in a very different context but when I get a compliment, it makes a **** day good.

I thought I can handle it, I am used to change my life every year. Why not this year? It is harder then I thought it would be. I may look from the outside a very strong girl that can handle everything but sometimes I need my drama queen moments. The last five months went with ups and downs. Luckily more ups then downs! I got to know a lot of new people and found my old friends back. Being in Belgium has advantages, what about not try to explain in Spanish how to cut your hear? Some people cannot imagine how happy a person can be with two days off a week. Here in Belgium it is normal, from where I come not very normal. In the past  I would have killed somebody in summer to have two days off.

Clue of the story I am still alive and kicking in Belgium, but travelling will always be a part of my heart. I left my heart in some parts of the world but in the end I lost my heart to a Belgian boy… ❤


Love Cath xx


Spice up mijn sollicitaties! :D

Hallo, hallo, hallo,

Welkom terug bij weer een nieuwe vlog over mijn leven in België! Deze week had ik een hoop sollicitaties en gesprekken!
Ik bleef altijd vrolijk en optimistisch met natuurlijk de nodige humor tussendoor!

Vind je de video leuk? Vergeet hem dan zeker geen blauw duimpje te geven en je te abboneren! 😀

Ik wens jullie alvast veel kijkplezier!

Project ReIntegration Vlog #1


This vlog is about me staying in Belgium this year. After three years of living a vida loca, it is time to settle down in Belgium (if you want to know the reasons please send me a private message). This decision was a hard one but for me it feels the right moment to do. I had an amazing three years! I learned so many things about life and myself! Now it is time for Project ReIntegration in Belgium! This vlogs will show you how I am doing it in Belgium and of course I’ll take you with me during applying and finding the next job for me! This vlogs are in Dutch, if you are curieus don’t hesitate to send me a personal message and I’ll translate everything!

Take your cup of tea and enjoy the vlogs!! 🙂

Besos Catherine x

Summerclothes in Winter?


It’s officialy winter in Belgium (at the moment -2 degrees ) and I only have summerclothes and some winterstuff. Still I can wear my summer clothes in the winter? How do I do it?
Well tip number one is very simple: put under everything you have a ‘marcelleke’ and under a pair of trousers  tights.


Tip number two is very simple, combine a dress with a jumper. Put under your dress a top, over your dress a warm jumper and under some panty’s and you’re ready to go! 🙂

Hat from Veritas, glasses from Chanel, necklace from Lanzarote, dress from Springfield and jumper from Pimkie

Tip number three is to combine everything with a blazer and scarf! You can create every look with it from sexy to casual to business… If you are going out when it is freezing a very good tip is to wear your headphones under a bonnet. Believe me, your ears will stay warm 🙂


Headphones from Sony, scarf from a souk in Marrakech and blazer from Charles Vögele


Never forget layers layers layers layers are hot in winter 🙂  On the picture below I was wearing a top, T-shirt, a vest and a jumper.


Bonnet from somewhere in Malaga, glasses from Chanel, Necklace from somewhere in Lanzarote, T-shirt from 3 Suisses, Vest from H&M, Jumper from Mango, Trousers from H&M and Boots from Rieker


So here are four top tips to stay warm in the winter with a combination of summer clothes with some winterclothes! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading it!
Leave in the comments behind what  your favorite piece of clothes is during the winter!

Have a great evening,

Besos Cathy 🙂




ReWind Fuerteventura


I could talk and talk for ages about my two months in Fuerteventura, instaed I made a movie with all the memories.
These lot ment the world to me, they were my family and I would describe them as following:

When you’re feelin’ sad and low
We will take you where you gotta go
Smilin’, dancin’, everything is free
All you need is positivity

Colours of the world
Spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
Spice up your life

Everybody have fun watching the video!!

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Bon Appetit!

img_0176Goodmorning from a sunny Fuerteventura!

How are you guys doing?
I realised today that I am walking in shorts with sunglasses and it is the 12th of December… So I am doing fantastic.
Fuerteventura is a very nice island and today I wanted t0 tell something more about the most fantastic restaurants in Corralejo.

I arrived on the island the 25th of October so I had already enough time to discover some good food  places.

1. El Toro Bravo Restaurant

This restaurant is amazing like Astrid Bryan would say. Everybody that loves a good grill will feel welcome here. Also if  you are in Corralejo and you have a special occasion, this place is ideal! They organise you a special cocktail and the whole restaurant will sing Happy Birthday to you! The service is great, the place is full every evening but still the service is quick and with a smile! The food is excellent, value for money! I ate already the ribs, mixed grill and paella. The paella is freshly made and you have choice between a vegetarian, fish and meat. The mixed grill for two persons is actually a mixed grill for 4 persons. With some very delicious meats on it like lamb, chicken and sausages. So for the ones that are meat addicted a very good choice. Then last but not least the ribs with bbq sauce… tasteful, grilled perfectly.
Score on 10? 9 😉

2. Antiguo Cafe

Looking for a good Tapas Place in Corralejo? This is my personal recommendation, one of the best tapas places in Corralejo. I went their already twice and was every time amazed by it. This Thursday I was their with my collegues and we ordered about 15 tapas. If you go there, you cannot leave before you ate the caramelised goat cheese. I don’t get it quickly but it was literarily a food orgasm. Other tapas that gives you almostly an orgasm are baby squids, piece of bread with steak, croquettes,… Actually the whole menu is to die for! A cosy evening for two with a jar of sangria, some tapas… you don’t need more to be happy!

Score on 10? 9

3. Restaurante La Marquesina

If you are looking for a very good fishrestaurant I can recommend this one. You have a fantastic view over the bay plus delicious food. I went their with my daddy to celebrate my placement and his last evening in Corralejo. We were looking for a fancy restaurant and found this one in the port. As we were celebrating, we ordered a good rosé wine. The service was quickly and what I like the most is that their menu is not endless. They serve a few but good meals. I had the salmon and my dad took the fish casserole. The prices were uptown but not too expensive. We paid 65,00 euros for two persons for a bottle of wine, 2 starters, a main course and a coffee afterwards. The whole evening was perfect, there was somebody singing outside the restaurant, the waiters were friendly, food came quickly and it is value for money.

Score on 10? 8

Here you have 3 restaurant recommendations from your personal representative down in Corralejo!

Have a nice monday everybody and talk to you soon!

Do I or I do? Love Fuerteventura

Goodevening from a cold Fuerteventura,

It is already been a month since I left Croatia for the beautiful island of Fuerteventura. My arrival was not great, since they broke in into my apartment the first week I was here but the month has been full of hapiness.
I met the most amazing people and had two lovely visits from Belgium. The first week I was here, they were so many things to learn/do that I hardly got time to breath. But as our team survived the first week we were here, we build a little party in Flicks – Waikiki. We celebrated till 05:00 o’clock in the morning and had a fantastic day off in bed the day after. The second week I was here, I already got a visit. My most lovely friend Suzanne came to see me. We had a wonderful 3 days together. We went together to the beach of El Cotillo. For me one of the most beautiful beaches we have on the island. On my day off we went to Lanzarote. There we rented out a cabrio for the day. We visited Playa Blanca and afterwards drove to Costa Teguise (were I was based for 10 months last year). There I visited H10 Lanzarote Gardens. It was lovely to see everybody back. I got a very warm welcome and they allowed me to have a look in the hotel. But then the most exciting part came, drive back to Playa Blanca with a convertible automatic Audi… I never had that much fun driving a car! We stopped in the mountains of Femes and held a photo shoot on the mountain.
Every evening we went for dinner in an other restaurant but our favourite restaurant was the El Toro Steak House. (Will write a review of my favo resto’s later) The week after it was a week from hell, nobody turned up at the welcome meetings, nobody even came to say hello to me, I was bored and felt useless… But I didn’t feel sad about it, as long as my guests are having a fantastic holiday, I will be happy. Last week my daddy came to see me and we also had a fantastic week. We went together on a tour, we ate together every day.  It was just fantastic! So far I had a great month here in Fuerteventura and I am so ready for December and the Holidays. I am looking forward to spend Christmas with my most lovely girls that are more friends to me then colleagues!

Beso de Isla Tranquilla xx 😘